• What is Google Adwords

    PPC is the abbreviation for Pay Per Click and is an emerging advertising tool that is highly effective. There are various search engines which offer PPC marketing tools for advertisers among which Google Adwords and Overture are the most popular one. PPC services are used to target the services and businesses as per the keyword ...
  • Google AdWords Search Advertising Exam Sheet 2017

    There are 100 questions on this exam. Passing score is 80%. Google Adwords Search Advertising, the Adwords Editor, and general PPC best practices. It’s super easy. Updated May 2017. *Disclaimer: All questions below are from live exams within the month of May 2017. Using these answers resulted in 88% on the test, so they are not all correct ...
  • Video Ads Formats in Google Adwords

    Video ad formats are primarily of two types – TrueView ads and bumper ads. 1. In-Stream or Video Discovery Ads (Trueview ads) In this type of ads, you won’t have to pay for random impressions on the assumption that people saw it. Instead, you will have to pay for the elements viewers see or interact ...
  • What is Video Ads in Google AdWords

    In Google AdWords, you can create interesting video campaigns through the use of different video ad formats to draw customer across YouTube and similar sites. Networks of Video Ads The networks which are commonly targeted for this type of ads include YouTube Search, YouTube Videos and Video partners on the video network. 1. YouTube Search ...
  • Types of Target Your Ads in Display Network

    1. Display Keywords – Show ads on sites related to your keywords Rather than your ads being shown on search engine results page, they will get displayed on different types of websites which contain relevant contain to what is being advertised.   2. Interests & Remarketing – Show ads to people based on their interests ...