• woocommerce

    The great thing about WooCommerce is that it is open source and you can add plugins to it, which is great news when it comes to digital marketing. There are tons of cool digital marketing plugins for WooCommerce which can expand on what is already a powerful e-commerce solution. 1. Beeketing Beeketing is a tool ...
  • What is Marketing?

    Marketing is the process by which goods and services are sold to customers. It involves coordination of four elements. In the simple words, marketing is the promotion or branding or awareness of service or Product. They are mentioned below: Р(i) identifying, selection & product development (ii) deciding the price (iii) deciding a channel of distribution ...
  • What is the Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing is a term which is used to describe a wide products or services which utilize the internet, mobile phones, display advertising etc. to promote products & services. It involves the usage of channels which enable a company to analyze marketing campaigns and get a clear idea of what is doing well and what ...